Massage Gun

Trinity-made Massage gun-Dr. Percussion—100% made in Taiwan, a massage device that outmatches the others!!!

Dr. Percussion is the first massage device designed and produced by Trinity. This powerful massage gun uses battery from Japan, components from Taiwan, and is 100% assembled in Taiwan.
It has many outstanding features:

  1. Taiwan-made brushless motor, low energy consumption and environmentally design.
  2. The highest power output among equivalent products, output power is up to 180W.
  3. The highest vibration frequency (56Hz), 3400 percussion/minute.
  4. Correction feedback design makes sure the vibration never fades.
  5. Simple style, one button operation.
  6. Operation noise<65db.
  7. 10 hour durability.
  8. 100% made and assembled in Taiwan.
  9. 4 exchangeable massage heads.

Product Specification

  1. Rated voltage 24V.
  2. Rated power 190W.
  3. Vibration frequency【1】30Hz、【2】40Hz、【3】56Hz.