Trinity pours abundant resources in material research and new technique development. And we are rewarded greatly. For instance, we successfully developed the synchronizer ring and connection rod made by sintered forging (powdered forging) technique, the MIM parts used in transmission system, the gear used in automotive starter motor, the pulley used in engine, and retainer used in suspension. All the materials we choose are complied with REACH/ROHS. Apart from automotive industry, Trinity also invests a lot in other industries like consumer products and machineries. Our gearbox design won the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2017 and 2018. And the gearboxes applications include, power tool, automotive, roller (for conveyor belt), floor washing machine and so on.

Trinity provides various choices of material to satisfy customers’ requirements. We have materials that meet the specification of MPIF ( F-XXXX, FC-XXXX, FN-XXXX,FD-XXXX, FLN-XXXX, FLNX-XXXX, etc), DIN (SINT-AXX, SINT-BXX, SINT-CXX, SINT-DXX, SINT-EXX,etc) and JIS (SMF-2XXX, SMF-4XXX, SMF-5XXX,etc).