Powder forging

  • Powder forging is a technique that combines the advantages of PM and forging.
  • It has some great features, such as enhancing the density and strength of the products, decrease the loss of material and suitable for mass production.
  • Currently powder forging products are widely used in automobile, mechanics, aeroplane and other industries.
  • The density of powder forging product can reach 7.7~7.8 g/cm3.

Powder forging (PF)

metallographic Comparison

density 7.8 g/cm3

Before PF(Obvious pores)

After PF(compact structure)


  • Forging products are suitable for applications which require high strength and high impact force.
  • Hot forging is done in the temperature higher than recrystallization temp of material.
  • It can enhance the malleability and inner quality of the products.

High density PM (Powder Metallurgy)

  • In order to meet the demand of lighter, smaller, stronger parts for applications in automobile, 3C and mechanics industries, we develop a high density PM solution.
  • We are able to offer our service from material choice to tooling design to fulfill different requests from customers.
  • The density of the high density PM products we provide can be 7.3~7.6 g/cm3.

normal density

high density

MIM (Metal Injection Molding)

  • MIM solution is now a popular solution in industries like automobile, mechanics, hardware, 3C…etc.
  • It has great features, like suitable for mass production, high density and higher strength.
  • When some parts can’t be done by traditional PM due to difficult shape or strength requirement, MIM can be a great solution.
  • We have accumulated experience over 10 years in this field.